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How fussy is your child's school (or your child!) about hair ties?

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As a Mum of two boys who like their hair short, I've never had to deal with the challenge of finding hair ties that fit with school regulations, but I definitely know all about sensitive scalps. I hear plenty of stories about morning dramas tying back long hair, never being able to find a hair band (let alone the right colour) when you need it, and annoying hairbands that remove a handful of hair when you pull them out (ouch!). And, having just grown my own hair to a point where I can finally pull it back, I'm discovering the nuisance-factor of the 'kink' left in your hair when you remove the hairband. 

Well, I'm very chuffed to have launched Cintas Hairbands in my store this week - snag free, drag free, dent free and ouchless elastics for your hair. Cintas are a super comfy alternative to traditional hairbands and are designed to comfortably twist and hold your hair or wear on your wrist - perfect for sensitive scalps and skin. They come in the most delectable prints, plus plain colours perfectly suited to school. And they also come packaged with a re-useable chain so they can be linked together or attached to your bag, so you never have to rummage again. Brilliant! 

The best part? They are made right here in Brisbane :-) A shout out to the lovely Lori at Cintas who creates these gems. I hope you all love them as much as I do. 

PS I've introduced the option of $4 shipping within Australia for small items such as Cintas and Greepers Laces, when ordered on their own. Yay!!

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