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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via PayPal, Mastercard or Visa. All credit or debit card payments are secured by PayPal.

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What do you charge for shipping?

Within Australia
$11 (inc GST) for Regular Parcel Post (with tracking)
$14.30 (inc GST) for Express Post (with tracking)
$3.30 (inc GST) for small, lightweight items on their own that can be sent as large letters instead of parcels, eg Cintas or a single pair of SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks (no tracking, so nothing can be done if these orders are lost in the post). Unfortunately, Greepers have recently changed their packaging and are now too thick to be sent as a large letter.
Option of free shipping on orders over $200 (within Australia)

Charging a flat rate of postage helps make our systems more efficient so we can get your orders to you faster. We send most of our orders within Australia with either Regular Parcel Post or Express Post (your choice) to ensure swift, trackable delivery. Depending on the size of your order, it will cost from $9.30 upwards plus packaging and our time, so a $11.00 fee for Regular Parcel Post and a $14.30 fee for Express Post is a compromise that ensures we cover most of our costs (satchel, postage + time), while keeping it fair for you. Some of our smaller, lightweight items can be shipped as a large letter (instead of a parcel) when ordered on their own, eg Cintas Hairbands or a single pair of SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks  (unfortunately, there is no tracking on this so nothing can be done if these orders are lost in the post).

International (NZ, Singapore, UAE)
We're really sorry, but we're unable to ship internationally right now. Hopefully we'll be back on board soon! If you would like to place an order, please email us for further information. When we are back on board with international sales, we ship internationally by weight (calculated at check out). Unfortunately, international shipping from Australia is quite expensive. When we get to the post office, if we find that the shipping comes in at significantly less that what you've been charged, we will refund you the difference. Due to the cost of international shipping, it is difficult for us to process exchanges from overseas if you choose the wrong size (shipping will be at the customer's expense) so please come to us first with any questions about sizing before you order. 

I just want to try one pair of socks or undies first - can I get a sample?

Unfortunately, we are unable to send samples due to the costs involved. However, we know it can be tricky buying clothes online when you're not sure about sizes or if they'll even work for you. We want you to feel confident when buying through us, so this is what we do offer:

  • some small single items can be sent as a large letter for $3.30 (no tracking).
  • If you order multiple of the same item but, after trying the first one, you realise it's not a good fit, we are happy to exchange (or, in some circumstances, refund) items that are unworn and still in their original packaging. We ask you to email us first and, if we give you the all clear to return the unworn items for exchange, we ask you to enclose a pre-paid Australia Post satchel so we can send the new goods to you. Please refer to our terms & conditions for more information.

Can you send an invoice to my NDIS plan manager?

Yes, we can send an invoice to your NDIS Plan Manager. Please use your Contact Us form to let us know:

  • the billing and shipping addresses (including your Plan Manager's email address if you would like the invoice sent directly to them)
  • what you would like to order including colour, size & quantity (you can see current stock levels by making your selections on a computer - the mobile version of our site won't show stock levels) 
  • Regular Parcel Post or Express Post
  • if required on the invoice, your NDIS number.

Items won't be shipped until payment is received from your Plan Manager. 

I want kids ankle socks but I can't work out how to use the sizing chart...

The SmartKnitKIDS socks are not actually sold as ankle, crew and knee height - this is just a guide to where the socks will sit, depending on your child's shoe size and the sock size chosen. Keep in mind that the socks have no shaped heel, so the sizing is very flexible - multiple sizes may suit your child, but the tightness of the fit and the length on the leg will vary. As you progress through the SmartKnitKIDS sizes, the socks increase slightly in width and length.

To use the SmartKnitKIDS sizing chart, refer to your child's shoe size first on the left hand side. Follow this row across to the column that matches the leg height you want and this will indicate the recommended sock size. When choosing the size during the ordering process, we also provide the length of the sock in centimetres from top to toe (remembering there is no heel). You can measure from the tip of your child's big toe, along the top of the foot and up the leg to where you want the sock to sit, then use the measurements as a guide. There is quite a bit of stretch in the socks and they can also be folded or pushed down. If you're still not sure, please contact us.

What do you mean by seamless? Why is there still a line near the sock toe?

SmartKnit socks are manufactured differently from other socks, in that they are knitted like a cocoon, starting from the toe and working up from there. There is no sewing at all - they are completely knit by the knitting machines. The needle bed does change during the process, so at times you may still see a line (closure) near the toe on one side, but no bothersome, bulky seam is present. Some super sensitive kids may still question the appearance of the line - please encourage them to persist and give the socks a go. They will notice a big difference from regular socks.

The size or colour I want is not in stock - when will it be available?

This will depend on the brand. It is best to contact us and we can let you know. Unfortunately, due to Covid, shipments of products from the States are very slow at the moment and it's been challenging to keep stock levels consistent. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this.

Can I place a special order for a size or product that you don't normally stock?

This will depend on the brand. It is best to contact us and we can let you know.