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We receive the most amazing feedback from our customers and we love to share their stories. If you would like to provide us with feedback, please send us an email or review a specific product on that product page.

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for the prompt delivery of my items purchased yesterday. For the first time in months we do not have tears or trantrums over socks, they are amazing. I also can not believe what a difference a hair brush can make to the house??? She loves the brush and I am looking forward to pain free mornings trying to get the kids ready for school. My daughter actually brushed her own hair today with out a tantrum, crying or yelling. I am yet to try the soap but if it is a good as your other products I believe it will make life easy also. Rachel, SA, SmartKnitKIDS and Knot Genie parent

My 7 year old has SPD. She loves the SmartKnitKIDS undies (both boys & girls styles), and absolutely refuses to wear any others (hence I have reordered and stocked up so we don't run out)! SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Undies parent

The Knot Genie makes mornings so much easier. While it does still pull a little in my daughter's messy hair, it's much gentler than any other brush we've used and she can do it herself easily without the brush getting caught. Five stars. Sarah, Knot Genie parent

There are six young children in our family, each morning getting them ready for school is a battle in itself, but then to add extra pressure two of our children (one diagnosed ASD) have to do “the sock dance”. This is approximately 40minutes of “there is a spot in my sock”, “it has got lumpy bits”, “my socks won’t stay up”, “it feels funny”, shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off, oh, I could go on for a whole page, but I am sure you get the point, socks in our house have for many years been a cause of great frustration and anxiety. To help all of this we have cut the threads off the corner of socks, turned them inside out, spent hundreds of dollars trying to get some that “feel right”, we have even cut the toes out of some to try to help alleviate the discomfort. All of these things have not helped to stop “the sock dance”, in fact in most cases they have just helped to extend the dance until the school bus is tooting the horn waiting for the two precious “sock dancers” to reach a point of moderate discomfort and get on the bus for school. Then ....... on a visit to our Occupational Therapist with my son she asked about any sensory issues that were concerning us, and I mentioned “the sock dance”, the OT gave me a flyer for “itmakessense” and I couldn’t wait to get home a look up your sight. I will admit we were a bit surprised at the price of the socks, we have spent a lot of money already on socks that don’t work. But we thought that it just might be worth the gamble and we bought two pairs for each child.
Guess what? We still have “The Sock Dance” in our house, BUT to our pure amazement and delight it is a very different and new type of “sock dance”, our children actually put on their seamless socks and dance around the house with them on, (these are children that hated socks with a passion). In the morning the first thing our “sock dancing” daughter puts on are her socks!!!!!! My husband and I were left standing in the doorway in pure disbelief the first morning that the children wore their new seamless socks. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful new “sock dance” in our house, we would never have believed that a simple pair of seamless socks could alleviate so many problems for our family. So, if anyone is asking are these socks worth buying? YES, they are worth every cent, so that you too can admire “the beautiful sock dance”. Thank you again. Sarnia, Qld, SmartKnitKIDS Parent

My 3 year old granddaughter is ocd and every tag on her clothing must be cut off, she doesn't wear sock cause of the seam, but since converting to this clothing she is as happy as.  SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Undies and Socks grandparent

The socks really have made such a huge difference to our lives. I’ve been battling with my daughter since she started kindy about socks. At first I thought she was just being fussy but then I realised that the seams and bumps in socks really were a problem to her. Some days were worse than others and I would hunt around for socks that she would like - some would work for a while but ultimately we’d just end up at the place where she could not find a pair of socks in the morning that would feel alright on her feet. Sometimes she would try up to 10 pairs on only to arrive at the conclusion that none of them would do. Since the day I bought the (SmartKnitKIDS) seamless socks I have not had one complaint or comment from her about not being able to wear them. Every morning is good going to school now and she is totally relaxed and comfortable and happy to wear these socks. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. So glad I tried them as it saves us stress in the mornings...only regret is that I should have bought them sooner. Jenni D, Qld, SmartKnitKIDS parent

I wish we had discovered your socks a year earlier than I did. My son started school nearly 2 years ago. Shoes and socks are mandatory school uniform. We had half an hour each morning of socks on ... off ... on ... off ... as we tried to get the toe seam and heel just right. Screaming and tears were always involved - usually from him, but sometimes from me too. I dreaded the morning ritual, because it would affect the vibe of the house for the whole morning. Once we tried your socks, I couldn’t get enough into his drawer fast enough (luckily delivery is super quick). Now, he puts on his shoes and socks each morning - without any complaint, let alone tears. My son doesn’t rave about them - it’s not his style. But I do - to every parent who has sock or undies issues. It has completely changed our morning routine! My husband has now discovered the adult socks, and instantly became converted. Now my daughter has the SOFT boxer undies (which are great under dresses and skirts for cartwheels). My daughter thinks they are “ultra, ultra, ultra comfy” and doesn’t want to take them off. I suspect they will become her pyjama pants too! I have now just purchased a Knot Genie, and this too seems to have resolved another battle in our house - if I use a gentle hand, even hair brushing has become manageable. Thank you for your fabulous range - I hope it grows and grows. Wendy B, NSW, SmartKnitKIDS, SmartKnitBIGKids, SOFT and Knot Genie Parent

Thank you SO much!! I ordered a few pairs from you a few weeks ago, and my son LOVES them!! He is happy to put his “special” socks on now!! I am so grateful to you!!!! Now I’m ordering some more as he starts school next year! I just wanted to say a huge thank you, and to let you know that this is making a huge difference to our life! (Even though socks may seem so insignificant an issue to some!). Deb B, Qld, SmartKnitKIDS Parent

Sensory Soap (reviews below) is not currently stocked - try the scrumptious Four Cow Farm products instead

I just wanted to let you know how much we love your soap, my husband has always had dry scaly elbows and after using your soap for a couple of months now they have all cleared up. I also have very sensitive skin and have trouble with most of the soap that I have bought in the shop in the past, I find that your soap leaves my skin so nice and soft with no dry patches and no itches. Thank you again. Mary, SA, Sensory Soap  parent

I would like to thank you for introducing my family and I to your fantastic soap.  I have a child who suffers from eczema and after using your product his eczema was reduced to nothing. I had found if he uses any other soap his eczema returns he changes his soap back to your soap and it clears up.  I also have used your soap on my newborn baby and have been using it ever since (he is nearly two).  It leaves our skin feeling soft and supple with no drying of the skin...we love your product and we can see ourselves using it for a long time or for as long as you continue to produce it. The Bolton Family, Qld, Sensory Soap users

I want to thank you for your sensory soaps which I have been using on all my family. They are lovely and soft on our skin. They make great gifts for our friends. Trish, Sensory Soap parent

I’d just like to let you know how much our family has enjoyed using your soap.  It is gentle on sensitive skin, yet it removes the dust and grime we all seem to collect from the farm...being home-made and organic it is just perfect for gifts.  We have been using it for almost a year now and will definitely continue buying it. Thanks! Ellen, Qld, Sensory Soap parent